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The Santa’s Secret Shop is the easiest way for your school to give its students the chance to buy presents for their friends and family for Christmas. We provide you with everything you need, including instructions, letters for the parents and students, money envelopes for the students to save money and budget for each purchase, door hangers, posters, table covers, gift bags, gifts ranging from $0.30 to $15.00 (with 80% being between $2.00 and $5.00), as well as FREE bonuses equaling almost $500 just for working with us! You only pay us for what you sell, then you send the rest back. You can sell items at cost or marked up to earn money for your PTA or PTO. It’s that simple!  

Fun Services will provide:

  1. Provide merchandise on consignment. Customer may return all unsold merchandise, in good order, as noted in Section 1 below.
  2. Cover all shipping costs in both directions.
  3. Provide FREE gift bags and money envelopes, parent flyers, posters, table covers,  and proprietary Success Manual.
  4. Provide price labels for gift display at profit margin selected above.
  5. Supply reordered items as long as such items are in stock, and guarantee free reorder service next day for items requested by 4 p.m.
  6. Audit unsold merchandise returned at close of sale and notify customer of any material adjustments in monies owed to Fun Services or to your organization.

Your Organization will:

  1. Return all unsold merchandise, including samples, in original boxes. Any broken items should be packed separately and identified as such.
  2. Not mark prices or put stickers on individual items, boxes, or bags and acknowledges that such items cannot be returned to Fun Services.
  3. Agree to a $150 cancellation fee after Sept. 15 th of this year.
  4. Not use competitive commercial merchandise in gift shop.
  5. Provide check payable to FUN SERVICES based on method of payment selected. Payment is due at pickup or a 1% service charge applies to balances over 5 days. If payment is not made within 5 days after shop ends, organization agrees to forfeit all promations and incentives. All FUN bucks volunteer vouchers will be added to amount owed to FUN Services, $300.00 for treasure chest and loss of free moonwalk rental.
  6. Return all unused promotion items. Return all checkout equipment provided in the condition in which it was received and in the original packing boxes.
  7. Agree to bill adjustments by Fun Services based on its audit of unsold merchandise, in the event of material discrepancies with reported sales.

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